We know how exciting it is to be on the verge of a new adventure, the anticipation of seeing different places, meeting different people…trying out new things.
We also know how sometimes we may need a little help to make sure that our trip is the best experience, whether its knowing what to pack, places to visit or a few tricks to save money, we put together a few things to help you out!
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Packing Tips & Other Great Ideas

Do you have problems knowng what to carry when travelling? Check out the following cool tips to give you a little clue you can try out the next time you travel.

Want To Save Some Cash?

Who doesn’t mind saving a bit of cash once in a while huh? One of the biggest myths about travelling is that it has to be expensive. Well, that is not necessarily true. You can find great ways to travel on a budget and save tons of cash to use elsewhere. Check out a few ideas that you may want to try out for yourself.

Need Some Travel Inspiration

When I’m looking for inspiration to travel, I usually like to read stories on travel. I find that it helps me get into the right mindset and I get to have some cheat codes for myself on where to go and ideas on what to do.
Whatever your reasons, check out a few of what we have to jump start your own ideas!

Want A Free Ride?

There are so many different reasons why we think using Uber is a great way to get out and about. (We like it because we share the same name, well, part of it anyway 🙂 ) . It could be the fact that you can share the fare, track the location of your ride through GPS or even the fact that you are practically spoiled for choice with the different options you can choose.
Whatever your reason, we want to give you a treat. On your next night about town, have a free ride. Yes, on us.

Need A Place to Stay?

Explore the world by visiting and staying in unique places. I love the idea of staying with hosts while travelling, its a great opportunity to meet new people, see the city from a locals’ perspective and who know, maybe make lasting friendships while you are at it.
Because we love to support fellow travelers, get $20 credit the next time you use airbnb. On us!

Learn To Take Breathtaking Photographs

The cool thing about travelling is that you get the chance to share all your adventures with your family and friends back home through photographs.
But…sometimes we aren’t able to truly capture the essence and beauty of the scenes we see and usually end up with boring and lackluster shots. (or random photographs or buildings, people out of focus and things that make you wonder what you were thinking in the first place. )
So if tired of AVERAGE and BORING photographs, you might want to try this tutorial that can teach you to take photographs like a professional.

Take amazing photographs on your next trip that will impress all your family and friends.

Get Back To Shape

We all know how it is.
We go on vacation and all we seem to do is indulge ourselves in the local food, treats and goodies. Sometimes a little too much.
Next thing we know, we are back home , looking a little bit, shall we say, round about the edges.
If you are like me, try this great way to get back into shape.

I want to get back into shape.

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